OPTIMA 4T SS 10W-40 (M441)

Optima 4T SS 10W-40 is a high performance four-stroke motorcycle lubricant formulated with top quality synthetic base stocks and highly refined mineral oil. It incorporates modern additive chemistry which provides maximum engine protection and high levels of component cleanliness. Optima 4T SS 10W-40 possesses outstanding anti-wear characteristics along with high levels of thermal stability and corrosion resistance. Its stay-in-grade properties ensure a highly durable lubricating oil film is maintained even after extended periods.

OPTIMA 4T SS 10W-40 (M441) aşağıdaki miktarlarda mevcuttur

  • 1 ltr
  • 5 ltrs
  • 25 ltrs
  • IBC
  • Part Tanker
  • Full Tanker